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What's in Your Theme Park Vacation Bag?

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Earlier today I was asked by a client (and I have to admit I get this a lot) what do you bring with you to the theme parks?

When I am hanging out at the theme parks with my family and friends I have a set few items that I will always bring with me. Depending on the exact location I may switch things up a bit but I thought I would share what I recommend in your bag when you are on vacation especially at the theme parks!

First off my bag. I have two that I bring with me as I can never decide which one I like better and sometimes it just depends on what I am doing that day. My "go-to" is my Marvelous Mouse Travels sling bag. This bag is the perfect size for a day at the parks! The other is a traditional Ozark Trails backback.

The sling bag is great because it will fit in any locker regardless of where I am at. Also it is extremely lightweight and ergonomic so I am more comfortable on my longer park days and I am able to find what I am looking for quickly. My backpack though on the other hand is great for when I am capturing pictures and need my larger camera, It also has these neat side pockets that I have used to hold refillable cups in without issue. Both of these backpacks are washer/dryer friendly so that too is another factor to be mindful of. The last thing I use with either bag is a luggage tag so that way should I misplace it whomever finds it will contact me to return it.

I have highlighted the benefits of these bags but what am I actually putting in them you ask? I have about 7-8 items that I keep in my bag depending on the day. My wallet, a battery pack for my phone, sunglasses, a pen, hand sanitizer, medicine, and bandaids or a first aid kit. I also could also have my big Canon EOS camera as well as sunblock in my bag. One thing that I could potentially leave in the hotel safe is my wallet. When you are staying at the theme parks onsite hotels alot of them offer charging purchases to your hotel room HOWEVER regardless if you are an Apple or Android user Apple Pay and Google Pay still make it just as easy to leave your wallet in the safe and just take your photo ID. (PRO TIP)

Ultimately you need to account for what you are going to be doing that day? What do you really need? Regardless of what bag you choose it needs to be a bag that will provide you the most comfort while also ensuring it can carry everything you need when you are out for the day.

Thinking about going on vacation? Let me help take the stress out of the vacation process so all you have to do is pack! I am a Travel Agent with Marvelous Mouse Travels. I monitor for the best deals, create custom itineraries, set up dining reservations & excursions plus so much more for a wide variety of vacation options including theme parks, cruises, all-inclusives and international destinations! For more information on this destination or others contact me directly at or call me at 571-206-8352

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