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Cruising to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Welcome to Puerto Plata’s Taino Bay in the Dominican Republic

Sometimes when you are cruising you don’t want to book an excursion, you just want to get off the boat and explore, maybe even taste the local cuisine. You notice that your cruise itinerary makes a stop at Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic but what is there to do? Recently I was aboard Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady and was able to explore the amazing port called Taino Bay in Puerto Plata.

What is Taino Bay?

Taino Bay is the second port in Puerto Plata and just recently opened in December of 2021. It is the only country in the Caribbean to have 2 ports. Taino Bay was originally a cargo pier that was extended in order to accommodate 2 large ships as well as a smaller one at the same time. It can handle the disembarkation of 14,000 passengers. This port features a welcome area, a transportation hub, a wide variety of retail shops, a beach club, delicious food and beverages as well as entertainment.

Where can I get something to eat or drink?

Currently in Taino Bay there is one restaurant called San Mangue, however there is a second one under construction called Casa Palapa. San Mangue is the first restaurant you will see as you explore the port and their menu features a wide variety of local cuisines and refreshing beverages. There are also 6 bars located throughout Taino Bay including a Rum Bar as well as a Mojito Bar.

I am here but what can I do?

One of the amazing things about this port is that there is alot to keep you entertained without ever having to leave. There is a beach club with daybeds and loungers which are first come first serve and at no additional cost. There is a wide variety of activities located in Taino Village such as rolling your own cigars, tasting homemade chocolate, getting a fish pedicure and hanging out with some squirrel monkeys - but that's for another blog. There are also a wide variety of shops that sell items such as jewelry, apparel, liquors, handmade bags and many other items that would make the perfect souvenir to remember your trip to the Dominican.

Taino Bay is one of the newest ports to hit the Caribbean and if you sail with cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Virgin Voyages through the caribbean it's highly likely you will be making a stop at this port. This port has so much to offer from refreshing drinks to a diversity of shops just steps away from the boat. Grab that mojito and enjoy everything that Taino Bay has to offer.

If you are thinking about going on a cruise or traveling to the Dominican Republic, contact me today at:

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