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Monkeying Around at Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

When sailing through the Caribbean there is a strong possibility that you will be making a stop in Puerto Plata at one of their amazing ports called Taino Bay. Did you know that you can hang out with Squirrel Monkeys when you are there?

Located at Taino Bay is an experience called Monkey Island which is home to quite a few squirrel monkeys and is operated by Runners Adventures. When you walk off the ship there is an information desk just ahead where you can go and inquire about the encounter and then be escorted over to the tour desk just next to the enclosure. For $25 you can go and spend a half hour with these adorable monkeys.

After securing loose items and going over some rules the guide will have you enter a sanctuary enclosure. Once you are inside the monkeys are bouncing and running everywhere all around you. You should also expect for them to jump on an arm or your head at any point in time. The guide will have you take a seat and then give you a bowl of fresh cut fruit. You can either get your camera out or the guide will take his own photos that you can purchase upon your departure.

The squirrel monkeys are cute, fun and ready to strike a pose! While I was there with some of my friends the monkeys loved climbing all over us and getting around our phones and taking selfies of themselves. It's a great experience that I highly recommend the next time you are in the Dominican.

If you are thinking about going on a cruise or to a trip to the Dominican Republic, I would love to help you. Contact me today at

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