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Jen's Top 5: Best Scarehouses at Halloween Horror Nights

Just getting back from Universal Orlando Resorts where I stayed at Endless Summer Dockside, went on a VIP Tour and attended Halloween Horror Nights! This was an amazing trip!

Universal Orlando and Hollywood put on a yearly scream-tacular special event known as Halloween Horror Nights. Each year guests are invited to check out some creatively delicious food, 10 creepy yet demented scarehouses and 5 devilish scarezones. This year marks the 31st anniversary of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal and it truly did not disappoint! There were some amazing houses at Halloween Horror Nights. I have to say Universal's creative team really is amazing with the level of detail that they put into all of the scarehouses. That said I thought I would share my top 5 favorite HHN 31 scarehouses.

#5 The Horror's of Blumhouse Black Phone - I am separating this from the other house it is joined with (Freaky) as there truly is no comparsion in how truly scary and creepy this scarehouse was. If you have not seen the movie, you need to before checking out this scarehouse. This particular movie was pretty scary and this scarehouse brought the same level of frights that the movie did as well. I loved the design elements and all the scares. I never knew when or where to expect The Grabber in this house but isnt that the point of a good scarehouse?

#4 Universal Monsters: Legends Collide - Universal is the godfather of scary movies. They have created some amazing technology that has brought to life classics such as the 1931 version of Dracula with Bela Lugosi! This house brought the Mummy, Wolfman and Dracula all under one roof for an epic battle to break the curse by finding the amulet. There is a room in this house with the Mummy and a Pharoah that I just wanted to stop and take it all in it was so good. I just wish I saw Dracula more but to be fair I was looking everywhere taking in everything in so I am sure I missed him!

#3 Dead Mans Pier: Winter's Wake - I have not read a single bad review about this house prior to going to Halloween Horror Nights and this house truly lived up to the hype. The set was absolutely stunning in every way possibly yet still frightfully creepy. You want to make sure you are looking "up" at times as there is so much detail to this house. The fisherman scareactors were absolutely amazing in this house! Universal uses every tool in their tool belt to impact almost all of your senses and push you to another level of terror.

#2 The Weeknd: Afterhours Nightmare - The Weeknd is an amazing artist and I am a HUGE fan of his music but I have to say I was not sure how this would translate into a scarehouse. This house was amazing. I never knew where to look and I was screaming all the time. Everything from the set design, to the costumes, to the scares was frightfully spectacular! This is a "must do" house and not just once. You are definitely walking through some twisted and spooky sets as you enter this nightmare.

#1 Halloween - I am not sure how Universal will top this house as I truly feel it is legendary. This scarehouse is based off of the 1978 John Carpenter original movie Halloween. This year because it is the 31st year of Halloween Horror Nights, Universal decided to play off this and bring an amazing house to life at Universal Studios. You literally feel like you have gone back in time and are walking through the house of Lori Strode, the fictional city of Haddonfield. Michael Myers comes to life in this scarehouse and you never know where he is going to pop out.

Grab your scream squad as there is still time to visit Universal Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights which is running on certain nights now through October 31, 2022. Contact me today so I can help you with all the tips and tricks for a night (or two) of terror at Halloween Horror Nights!


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