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Going on a cruise, what do I need?

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

As a Master Travel Planner with Marvelous Mouse Travels who specializes in cruises I get asked all the time what are some of the things I need for my cruise? Do I recommend any particular products? Where do I buy these items? I am here to make getting ready for your cruise very simple with my go-to list for cruising! Each ones of these items is hyperlinked to a product I have personally used and recommend so be sure to click the link if this is something you are interested in purchasing!

Cruise Ship in the Ocean
Time for a cruise

  1. Metal Hooks - Most cruise cabin walls are made of metal. By bringing your own magnet hooks on a cruise this will allow you to add space to hang your sunhats, sweatshirts or jackets, and even a backpack on your wall. Whether you have an inside cabin or a balcony cabin, these magnet hooks are genius!

  2. Luggage Tags - Nowadays most cruise lines provide guests with a paper tag that can be stapled to your luggage. These PVC luggage tag holders will give you piece of mind that the tag will not fall off or get lost and ensure your luggage makes it to your stateroom!

  3. Waterproof Cellphone Bag - Capturing moments with your cellphone is almost the daily norm when on vacation, but how do you keep your phone dry when you are in the water? A waterproof cellphone bag is a must have especially on a Caribbean cruise.

  4. Lightweight Backpack - Whether you are lounging by the beach or going dogsledding in Alaska, having a good waterproof bag is a must have for any vacation including a cruise.

  5. Cruise Approved Power Strip - There never seem to be enough outlets when on a cruise ship especially when you are a family of 4. Plus you cannot just bring any old power strip with you on a cruise! This one is very compact and travels well!

  6. Clips - Need to keep your towel on your beach chair so it does not blow away? Are you cruising to Alaska and concerned the sunlight will impact your sleep? These clips will do just the trick and are multipurpose!

  7. Bonine - Do you get seasick? Are you not sure and do not want to take the chance? These tablets will make sure to address your nausea while ensuring you do not fall asleep too early when on vacation! **

  8. MQ Motion Sickness Patch - If you hate taking pills here is a great alternative to managing sea sickess. **

  9. Adult Water Shoes & Kids Water Shoes- Some excursions will require watershoes in order to participate in the activity. Plus having these especially when going out into the ocean will provide an extra layer of protection for your feet.

  10. Sunblock - The Caribbean sun is no joke. Again there are also a few excursions and destinations that recommend Reef Safe sunblock in order to participate without harming the environment. I highly recommend sunblock that is at least an SPF of 50 or higher to protect your skin!

  11. Rechargeable Battery Pack - Don't be caught in the middle of the ocean or on an excursion with a low battery. I especially love this one as the power cords are built in making this truly a grab and go option!

  12. Packing Cubes - While I am new to the packing cube game, I am totally obsessed! Packing cubes are designed to not only create more space so you have room to pack everything you need — but they also keep items in better condition during travel.

  13. Tolietry Bag - Keeping your tolietries organized is just as important as where you put them. Having a hanging tolietry bag for your stateroom ensures you won't be taking up counter space in the bathroom but still having everything you need within reach!

  14. Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray - Cruise staterooms are definitely tight. With multiple people sharing a cabin, this airfreshener will definitely go along way!

  15. First Aid Kit - While most cruise ships have a medical department onboard, it is never a bad idea to have a first aid kit handy in your cabin should an emergency arise.

  16. World Travel Adapter - Some cruise ships are updated with american style outlets and there are some that may have european outlets in the cabins. I always feel it is best to come prepared as they will not always have outlet adapters available for purchase when onboard!

  17. Cruise Lanyards - Most cruise lines utilizes keycards for room entry and purchases throughout the ship. Having a lanyard ensure you are handsfree while on vacation. A lanyard will help keep your cruise card safe and minimize the chances of you losing it while on your vacation.

  18. Binoculars - Cruising through Alaska? Then you certainly do not want to leave home without a pair of binoculars to ensure you do not miss seeing any of the amazing sights or wildlife that calls this gorgeous state home.

Packing for a cruise
Packing for a cruise

By all means you do not need to have everything on this list but this definitely one to bookmark and check out later as you get prepared for your next cruise. I’m a big time planner and I have found that a well-packed suitcase makes for a much more enjoyable cruise vacation! I hope this has been helpful as you plan and prepare for your cruise. Sail away with confidence! Start packing for the perfect cruise adventure now!

**Please note: I am not a physician. These recommendations come from personal experience and use. Do consult a licensed physician before your trip if you have any concerns prior to travel before trying any of the remedies suggested!


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