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Tips and Tricks for Spell Casting

With a gentle flick of the wrist and the right incantation, Interactive Wands allow you to cast spells to create amazing magical experiences throughout Hogsmeade™ and Diagon Alley™. 

Where do I purchase an interactive wand?

Wands can be found at several locations throughout the park however the most magical place to get a wand is at Ollivanders which is located at both Diagon Alley as well as Hogsmeade.  There is also a special wand experience that takes place at both stores.  

What is the Wand Experience at Ollivanders?

Every die hard Harry Potter fan knows that the wand chooses the Wizard.  At Universal Orlando inside Ollivanders is a show that takes place. In small groups you will be brought into the wandmaker's office from there he will pick someone from the audience to find their wand.  Once this show is complete you can purchase the wand that chose you or go to the store and pick an alternate wand.  An interactive wands costs approximately $60 each. 

Casting Spells?

Once your wand has chosen the wizard, you are ready to cast some magic! There are medallions set into the pavement to mark spell spots in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. Each medallion indicates where you should stand to cast that particular spell, what direction to face, the wand movement required to cast the spell, and, finally, the words to be uttered while waving your wand.

How does the magic work?

Interactive wands cast their magic by reflecting to an infrared camera at each spell site. To guarantee success in casting a spell, you must aim your wand in the right direction, as indicated by the medallion. To preserve the integrity of the theming, the cameras are carefully camouflaged throughout the displays, so look up, down, and in the corners to locate them, and point your wand directly at the four dots of red light to ensure that the camera can see your movements. Keep your gestures small, as the camera’s area of reception is limited. The best way to cast spells is without actually moving your arm – perform the required motion using only your wrist. When using an interactive wizarding wand, saying the spell is completely unnecessary since the effect is based on motion only.. If you’re feeling shy, you can simply wave your wand and claim that you’re able to do non-verbal spells. Finally, be aware that some interactions are trickier than others; some will perform every time, even with an imperfect motion, while others require a good bit of precision to work reliably. 

If you are struggling to cast a spell there are resident spell casters located both in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley to help provide additional assistance. 

Tips and Tricks

  • Utilize the map that is included in your wand box.  

  • When you are in knockturn alley, check out your spells map under the blacklights. Each spell is indicated by a small image. 

  • Handle your wand carefully you do not want to scratch the optical tip as it can interfer with your ability to cast spells. 

  • If you do think you scratched the tip, go see any wandmaker at Universal Orlando for assistance with youe wand. 

  • There is a built-in wand pocket in the Hogwarts robes from Universal. This is a great place to keep your wand safe, but accessible. 

  • Use small wand movements when you are casting spells.  The movement should be limited to your wrist. 

  • When casting spells through windows avoid wand movements across multiple window panes. The wood on the windows interfere with spell casting.

Spell Locations

Diagon Alley spells

Tarantallegra: Red-curtained shop window of Pilliwinkle’s Playthings, next to the Fountain of Fair Fortune

Incendio - At the end of Horizont Alley, aim your wand up towards the second floor of Flimflam’s Lanterns

Metelojinx - Look up towards the umbrella, above the restroom entrance in Horizont Alley

Silencio - The birdcage in the right-hand window of Magical Menagerie

Dark Detectors - In the shop window of Wiseacres that faces Gringotts Wizarding Bank

Specialis Revelio - In the shop window near the front door of Wiseacres

Wingardium Leviosa - The right-hand shop window of Scribbulus, with the feather quill

Mystery Spell #1 - In the Scribbulus window to the right of the feather quill window

Reparo - Brown E. Wright’s blacksmith shop at the end of Carkitt Market, near the Hopping Pot

Locomotor Bellows - At Brown E. Wright’s blacksmith shop, immediately to the left of Reparo

Aguamenti - The mermaid fountain at the end of Carkitt Market

Descendo - The shop window of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes on the Diagon Alley side, with the yellow and orange toilet

Mystery Spell #2 - The far-right window at Slug and Jiggers Apothecary in Diagon Alley

Knockturn Alley spells

Locomotor Chimney Sweep - Look up to the Chimney Sweep Elf Sign, to the right of Dystyl Phaelanges

Moving Skeleton - In the lighted bay window across from Borgin and Burkes

Mimblewimble - Look for a cadre of shrunken heads, in a window to the left of Dystyl Phaelanges

Incendio - Look for a bird in a cage in a window in the courtyard around the corner from Borgin and Burkes

Alohamora - Also in the courtyard around the corner from Borgin and Burkes

Hogsmeade spells

Incendio - Shop window of Zonko’s Joke Shop

Arresto Momentum - Look up towards the wall-mounted cauldron at McHavelock’s

Revelio - The window display at Honeydukes with chocolate frogs

Herbivicus - The right-hand window of Dogweed and Deathcap

Ascendio/Descendo - Right-hand window of Gladrags Wizardwear

Locomotor Snowman - Window with cakes displayed at Madam Puddifoot’s

Locomotor/Arresto Momentum - The backside of Dervish and Banges, in the shop window with the Hogwarts model

Alohomora - The shop window of Tomes and Scrolls Specialist Bookshop

Wingardium Leviosa - The shop window of Spintwiche 

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