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Why You Should Try a 3 or 4 Night Cruise

I get asked all the time what the point is of a 3- or 4-night cruise, they are so short. While they may be short these itineraries do offer some amazing benefits to people looking to either go on vacation or try cruising.

First off there are some people who have not cruised but have friends or family that rave about it. I am a HUGE fan of cruising. Trying a short itinerary will let you know whether cruising is for you. For people who are new to cruising, this is a great way for them to try cruising and see if they like it without being stuck at sea for a long period of time.

Cruise Ship at Port
Cruise Ship

Sometimes it’s more than just the itinerary that is important to cruisers but rather the cruise line. You may not love every cruise line so trying a short itinerary will also help you see you are a fan or not of the amenities they offer, the staterooms, entertainment and more. It is also about the vibe. Some cruise lines have a party at sea atmosphere whereas others are more about relaxation. A short itinerary is great for identifying which cruise line is for you!

Don’t jump past the short itineraries, they too also stop at some amazing ports. Depending on where you sail from you could be stopping in the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Mexico, even Canada and Italy! If you do not have a lot of PTO left but are in need of a quick getaway, short itineraries are a great way to recharge the batteries. Use that PTO, recharge your batteries and take a quick cruise!

Puerto Plata Cruise Port
Taino Bay, Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic

Some of these short cruises are leaving from ports that are close to home. Los Angeles, New York, even Norfolk Virginia. Depending on where you live you may not even have to fly to set sail. It could just be a quick road trip to the port! If you are not a fan of planes no worries. There are so many local ports in the U.S. that offer a wide variety of itineraries. How amazing is that! Saving travel time to the port ensure you are using your time off for what it is meant for … VACATION!!

Whether you are new to cruising or just have a minimal amount of vacation time left a short cruise is a great way to relax and see the world. No longer do you need to fly to cruise and see some gorgeous destinations. If you are not sure where to start it is always good to enlist the help of a travel agent. As someone who has cruised A LOT with a wide variety of cruise lines and been to a vast number of countries, I provide a higher level of customer service and experience for my clients. Let me put that service to good use for you!

Jen Travis, Travel Agent with Marvelous Mouse Travels
Jen Travis - Marvelous Mouse Travels


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