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Why you should go to Halloween Horror Nights

If you love a good scare and frightfully amazing live performances then you should be checking your calendar right now and consider going to Universal Studios for their yearly Halloween Horror Nights. Each year this special event runs select nights starting in September and ending on October 31st. Every year the morbid minds of the creative team at Halloween Horror Nights comes up with some of the most macabre scare houses and scare zones. Just when you think they cannot push the limits any further they come up with something more impressive! If you are not sure why you should attend Halloween Horror Nights let me give you some amazing reasons to check it out!

Universal Pictures, a relative of Universal Studios made some of the most iconic scary movies going all the way back to the 1930’s. They have paved the way for some of the latest innovations when it comes to special effects that truly push these movies to their limits. The same remains true for the ingenuity of the Universal Studios creative team. The 10 scarehouses and 5 scare zones they develop year after year are more horrifying and truly test what your senses can handle! This year was no different as they featured 10 of the most bloodcurdling scarehouses including one specifically designed after the 1978 movie Halloween! You truly felt like you were walking through every aspect of the movie which is something any cinephile would appreciate.

The Five scare zones at Halloween Horror Nights come with the some of the most horrifying and grotesque details as the scarehouses. Each scarezone is carefully conceptualized, designed and laid out to both be freightfully appealing while also providing some areas of concealment so that the scare actors have hiding spots to deliver some amazing jump scares to those that dare enter. As you enter the scare zones you want to take everything in as there is truly no detail left untouched. The design and storyline add another layer to the experience as you try to escape the fiendish creatures that have taken over each zone.

What special event would not be complete without a vast array of novelty food and beverage items? Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights is no exception especially when you see the innovative variety and options on display. HHN 31 features things like Princess Brains, Maggot Covered Cheese Dogs and Tombstone Red Velvet Cake Pops just to name a few. They also do a great job crafting specialty cocktails that appeal to every palate! The food and beverage options are exclusive to Halloween Horror Nights which means that you will not be able to try them outside of the special event at the various pop up shops around the park. If you are a foodie the specialty menus should be reason enough to check out Halloween Horror Nights!

Universal spends years coming up with scarehouse ideas and building the sets but all these houses and scare zones would not come to life without the talent of the scareactors and show performers that are set loose on the streets, in the houses and onstage year after year. These performers utilize a wide variety of techniques to scare guests and push them to their limits while donning some of the spookiest attire and make up one has ever seen. They also seek out the most talented dancers, acrobatics performers, and pyrotechnic trained artists in the country for their live show set to heart-pounding metal, rock and electronica music. The talented scareactors and performers are truly a critical component of this special event.

While this event is set with the specific goal of scaring attendees, Halloween Horror Nights is a bewitching event that is dedicated to all of the terrifying things that go bump in the nights. By attending Halloween Horror Nights you will taste the terrifying specialty items, artistic sets and costume design while also appreciating the amazing acting ability and skills Universal brings to this frightening event.

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