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Do I Need A Travel Agent for Universal Orlando?

As a Travel Agent I get into this discussion a lot with clients as well as family and friends. At the end of the day my statement is always the same. Everyone should have a travel agent on speed dial!

First of all as a Travel Agent, I have to train yearly to be certified to even sell Universal vacations but what does that mean for my clients? I spend hours each year undergoing training so that when my clients have a question I know the answer. Marvelous Mouse Travel Agents also attend periodic webinars and training sessions. Finally we attend onsite trainings (just did this week) that include resort tours so we are fully versed and educated so when a client is asking for the best options to meet their needs we can speak not only from what we see on a screen but from first hand experience! We even create room tour videos so that you can see first hand the types of rooms and amenities we are recommending for your epic vacation.

Another reason to connect with a travel agent again comes back to knowledge. We have strong relationships with all of our vendors including Universal especially since we are the FIRST Diamond U-Preferred Travel Agency for Universal Orlando Resorts. If you run into an issue we know who to call. If a promotion is going to be released we are on it and can usually apply it to your booking to save you money. Finally do not forget that Marvelous Mouse Travels has published 2 books all about Universal Orlando full of tips and tricks for a successful trip. This again comes back to our hands-on training and experiences at the park which our clients will all tell you is invaluable.

PRO-TIP: Did you know that when you book a vacation with Marvelous Mouse Travels regardless if you include a hotel or not you are guaranteed Early Park Admission? This is not a perk that you will get from Costco or some of these other third park ticket sellers. Early Park Admission is an amazing benefit especially when you are trying to avoid long lines for some of the most popular rides at the park such as Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure, Velocicoaster and Escape from Gringotts.

Also when you purchase tickets from these third parties they do not share tips or provide assistance should something occur during your vacation. They will not help you with dining reservations or advise you on where to eat if you are Gluten-Free. Furthermore, there is no additional cost by booking a vacation with me today! I will leave you with this thought - would you buy a home without a realtor, no. Why not have a travel planner to help you with all your travel needs!

Contact me today and lets plan an EPIC vacation!


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