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Top Things to do at the Avenger's Campus at Disneyland's California Adventure Park

Going to Disneyland is truly a magical adventure but for your superhero fan what if you could bring their dreams to life by seeing the Quinjet or slinging spiderwebs to save the day? I am going to cover some of the top things to do at Avenger's Campus located at California Adventure Park in Disneyland!

1: Explore the mystic arts with Dr. Strange in thr Ancient Sanctum! That's right you will join Dr. Strange to learn the secrets of the mystical arts and multiverse. You definitely want to check the app for show times and arrive early to get a good spot so you too can learn how to defend the earth!

2: Guardians of the Galaxy - Monsters After Dark is not for the faint of heart! Join Rocket in his race to rescue Groot from the crazy creatures that are loose in The Collectors Fortress. Monster's After Dark only runs after 3pm from September to October 31st so be sure to get in line for this creepy ride!

3: Whether you are a Black Widow, The Wasp, Iron Man, or Black Panther fan, there is no shortage of characters to meet at the Avengers Campus. Sometimes you can even catch them patrolling the grounds for bad guys. Don't be afraid to call their names and ask for photos!!

4: Peter Parker (aka Spider Man) needs you! These pesky Spider-Bots are running wild and creating chaos across the Avengers Campus. Your job onceyou hop into a WEB Slinger vehicle is to save the day by trapping these crazed spiders and channeling your inner hero!

5: Make time for Pym Test Kitchen! The food here comes in all shapes and sizes! This quick service restaurant is truly an experience with the gigantic soda cans and chicken sandwiches! I highly recommend the massive pretzel and beer cheese however its best to share with friends!!

6: Watch the Avengers as the protect the lab from Villans as they try to break in during the amazing stunt show, Avengers Assemble. This show features a wide variety of superheroes that will show off their abilities and save the day. Be sure to check the Disney Genie app to catch them in action.

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