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Marvel Character Dinner at Universal Orlando

Have you ever wanted to eat with your favorite superhero and banter with them about your favorite comic book moments? Have your kids dream about showing them their favorite superhero move? What if I told you there was a way to arrange such a moment for your superhero fans!

Universal Orlando Resorts has brought back their Marvel Character Dinner located in Cafe 4 at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. This special dining experience allows you to have dinner with popular Marvel characters such as Captain America, Storm, Spider-Man, Cyclops, Wolverine, and Rogue. This is not just a dinner, this is an experience and something every superhero fan will remember for a lifetime. The superheroes will make their rounds around the room take photos, provide autographs and engage in ramblings about all things Marvel & X-men.

I will say that Universal has also significantly improved the menu since they last offered this dining experience. While it is still a buffet option there truly is something for everyone and you can help yourself as much as you would like. The options included 3 different types of salads, fresh fruit, pizza, burgers, pasta dishes, potatoes and roast beef. There are also some amazing desserts such as chocolate chip cookies, Spider-Man shaped cookies, macaroons and more, all superhero themed.

If you are planning a trip to Universal Orlando and have a superhero fan at home lets connect and talk about how you can get this experience added to your plans! Contact me today to book your next Universal Orlando or Universal Hollywood Vacation!


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