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Loews Royal Pacific Resort & Room Tour VLOG

Last week while I was at Universal Orlando Resorts, I was so excited to be able to stay at Loews Royal Pacific Resort for the last few days of my trip!

Loews Royal Pacific is one of 3 Premier level resorts with Universal which means it includes the highest level of perks when you stay on property! One of the perks included with staying premier is the Unlimited Express Pass. Now I am sure you have heard me talk alot about these but do you know what they do? these express passes reduce your wait time in line and because they are unlimited you can use the "Express Line" as many times as you want for any ride that accepts the Express pass which currently happens to be everything except Hagrids Motorbike Adventure!

This is a HUGE PERK and definitely a great value to any Universal Vacation which is why I always recommend my clients stay at a Premier Resort because who wants to spend their time on vacation waiting in line? Check out my latest video which gives you an amazing overview of this hotel as well as the 2 Queen Standard Room!

Interested in a trip to Universal? Contact me today!


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