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Journey to Atlantis in the Bahamas

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Did you know that Atlantis in the Bahamas allows cruise passengers to visit the resort when their ship is docked in Nassau? That’s right cruise lines such as Norwegian and Disney Cruise lines offer excursions to Atlantis but what exactly can you do there?

This 100 acre oceanfront waterscape features 35 restaurants, rock climbing, water park and an open air marine habitat with over 50,000 marine animals with over 250 species represented. There are several lagoons featuring a vast array of animals including sharks, stingrays, and more. They also have on property a dolphin rehabilitation center called Dolphin Cay where they take care of rescued bottlenose dolphins, sea lions, and manta rays.

From the Port of Nassau you are about 15 minutes from the Atlantis property. When you arrive you will check in and are then given a wristband that allows you access to the property. A cool perk to this excursion is that they also provide towels and life jackets so you do not need to bring any with you from the ship. You do want to try to go and scope out chairs as they do go fast! Pro-Tip, a good spot to lounge or grab a chair is the Grotto Pool area. You are in close proximity to pretty much everything, the beach, pools and waterslides. Plus there are food options, bathrooms and first aid fairly close to this area. It is a win-win!

You get to the Aquaventure area but what is there to do?

Let me tell you there is no shortage of things to do! There are over 11 pools on the property. The Mayan Temple is one of the most popular areas on property as it features a series of water rides including a near vertical plunge! There is also the Power Tower which has 4 water slides. There is also a Rapid which you will need an inner tube for but this is a lot of fun on a hot day! Also if you are not a pool person they have an absolutely GORGEOUS beach! Another Pro-tip, get on the rides early as they get busy later in the day. Also after 4pm is another good time to try out some of their amazing water slides.

If you are thinking about going on a cruise and need help with the planning process that is what I am here for. Contact me at:

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