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Top 5 Tips for a Picture Perfect Alaskan Cruise

One destination I get asked about a lot is Alaska. This is something I am quoting often as there are so many amazing cruise lines and itineraries for this destination. I have some amazing tips and tricks for my cruisers, and I thought I would share some of my top 5 today!

  1. Pack appropriately: Be sure to pack for the weather. Alaska can be chilly, even in the summer, so bring layers, a waterproof jacket, and comfortable shoes for walking. The weather in Alaska varies greatly throughout the summer months. Some days it could be sunny and 85 and others 55 and rainy. Long sleeve shirts, sweaters and light jackets are all great options to keep you comfortable while onboard the ship or during one of your excursions.

  2. Book a Balcony stateroom. I know these can sometimes be expensive however if you book far enough in advance you can make payments over time. Why not enjoy the beauty of Alaska from your balcony when you cannot on land? Grab your coffee or a tasty beverage and enjoy all the majestic views from your own balcony!

  3. There are so many amazing cruise lines with some unique Alaskan cruise itineraries. As a travel advisor, I pride myself on getting to know my clients, anticipating their needs and being able to provide options that will ensure they have the best vacation!

  4. I feel like this goes without saying but I strongly suggest arriving a day or two prior to ensure you do not miss the boat. Flight delays and cancellations happen, and you don’t want to be sitting in the airport while your cruise departs to its first port. It is an additional cost, but it will ensure you get on the ship for your Alaskan Cruise!

  5. Some cruises will let you prepay gratuities for your room attendant but if you are going on an excursion do not overlook your tour guide. They work hard to ensure you have an amazing experience and typically gratuities is not included with the cost of the excursion. It’s important to have cash for tipping your excursion guides as well as your cruise staff (at the end of the trip)! Get cash on land, as the ATMs on board often have very high fees.

These are just some of my favorite cruise tips for Alaska. I hope you have found them helpful! If you have any questions, or anything to add to this list, let me know in the comments. As your travel agent I will make sure you have an amazing vacation! Contact me today and let’s plan your next vacation!


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